Currency Exchange Software for Mac & Windows

Currency Exchange Software for your
Money Service Business

Whether you have small money exchange kiosk in an airport, or have a multi-branch MSB (Money Service Business), CurrencyXchanger can fully automate every aspect of your foreign exchange operation.

CurrencyXchanger is a Currency Exchange Software offering multi-currency POS, CRM, AML record keeping, and integrated accounting for small to mid-size foreign currency retailers and wholesalers.

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Currency Exchange Software for:

  • Money Services Business (MSB), Bureau de Change (BDC), Cambios, Forex Retailers
  • Travel Agencies offering financial services (e.g. American Express)
  • Money changers, Forex traders and wholesalers of currency
  • Currency Exchange kiosk and outlets in airports and shopping centers
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, holding companies, etc...)
  • Hotels, casinos, tourist shops, cruise ships, resorts, and outlets
  • Dealers of precious metals

Common features of CurrencyXchanger:

  • Easy to use and Multi-currency Point Of Sale (POS) system
  • Advanced Currency Rate Calculator
  • Print transaction tickets on any printer (POS printer or laser printers)
  • Full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with KYC record-keeping
  • Tellerproof system for End of Day cash reconciliation (EOD cash control)
  • Currency Denominations Tracking for all world currencies
  • Automatic or manual update of currency rates including Gold, Platinum and Silver Bullion
  • Fully customizable LCD Currency Rate Display board software
  • Multi-Currency Double-Entry Accounting (GL, Sub-Ledger, journal ledger)
  • View calculated rates in real time including: avg. buy rates, holding cost, cost of purchase, break-even rates, short and long positions, coverage rates, cost of goods sold, exposure, and historical rates
  • Record keeping for live forex trades, rate bookings, futures, wires and deliveries
  • P&L report per currency (both realized and unrealized gains)
  • Record multiple payments in one invoice (Cash, TT wire, eWire, Western Union...)
  • Reconcile you Bank, Cheque, and Cash accounts
  • Record and manage forex forward contracts, futures, orders, and deliveries
  • Rule-based Fee Structure definition
  • Cheque Cashing & Computer Cheque Printing
  • Multi-Currency Treasury Management
  • Rule-based AML policy declaration module
  • Live check of customer names against international sanction lists (OFAC SDN, OSFI, Austrac, New Zealand Police)
  • 24-hours aggregation rule for detecting suspicious transactions
  • KYC Record Keeping based on PCMLTFA guidelines and customer identification mandate under the BSA and USA Patriot Act.
  • AML Audit query editor to quickly respond to your bank and auditor's request
  • Adjustable warning threshold for LCT, LCR, EFT, and STR monitoring
  • Integrated Money Remittance System (eWire) and Remote Payment Orders
  • Compatible with MS Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and Mac OS Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Compatible with UNICODE data entry (compatible with all languages and scripts)
  • Approved to be used in Sweden by the Swedish Tax Authorities (Skatteverket)
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