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Diagram showing 50+ reasons why currencyxchanger is the best currency exchange software on the market

50+ Reasons why CurrencyXchanger is the best Currency Exchange Software

  1. Developed on a Solid backbone
    1. Highly Secure and Robust Database Platform
    2. No-SQL database
    3. Encrypted network traffic
    4. Data files are in binary format
    5. Developed using 4D RDBMS
  2. Very Ease of Use
    1. Consistent UI makes it really easy to learn
    2. Lots of shortcuts make it easy for keyboard-savvy users
    3. Easy on the eyes with light, flat and low contrast color themes
  3. Easy/Fast/Powerful Deployment
    1. Takes 1 hour to deploy Takes only
    2. Takes 5 mins to upgrade to new version
    3. Cloud Sync capability allows working in offline mode
    4. Multi-platform Windows/Mac Standalone or Client/Server
    5. Automatic Backup with scheduler and incremental backup log
    6. Multi-branch capability
  4. Extra Powerful Features
    1. Multiple transactions per invoice
    2. Integrated double-entry accounting with 3 layers GL Automatic
    3. Dynamic rates for 198 currencies+Precious Metals
    4. Integrated CRM with 360 views for customers
    5. Live Transaction Monitoring
    6. Future Contract, Orders, Bookings, A/P, A/R
    7. Email/SMS Notifications
    8. Rule-based Fee Structure
    9. Rule-based tiered rates
    10. Audit-trail with unlimited undo
    11. Unlimited form of payment methods (Cash, Accounts, Wire, eWire, Debit, Credit)
    12. Integrated Pivot Tables
  5. Amazing Support
    1. 1 on 1 Training Online helpdesk
    2. 100+ Tutorial Videos
    3. Release a new Version every quarter
    4. Updated Online Manuals
    5. Google any question you have (e.g. 'opening balance in currencyxchanger')
    6. 24/7 Call Center in Canada
  6. AML Compliance
    1. Anti-Money-Laundering AML Rule-Based Engine (expert system)
    2. automatic sanction list checks against 9 international sanction lists
    3. Audit Query module made for compliance officers and auditors
    4. Aggregation tools for trasaction monitoring
    5. Risk Rating tool for customers
    6. Detects and warns when customer profiles are not complete
    7. Systematic and periodic reviews of customer profiles
  7. Highest reviews of all competitors
    1. 55 Top Reviews online
    2. 97% customer retention
    3. 350 customers in 30 countries
    4. Featured on Forbes, WallStreet Journal, and Bloomberg
  8. Most Flexible/Customizable Engine
    1. Customizable engine
    2. Customizable report generation tool
    3. Affordable
    4. Affordable Support Plans as low as $80/month
    5. Flexible payment terms available
    6. Rental/Purchase available
    7. Most affordable amongst competitors
  9. Connectivity & Integration
    1. Connectivity SOAP/XML web-services
    2. SQL connectivity via ODBC
    3. Integration with currency rate board
    4. Integration with web site rate tables
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