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CurrencyXchanger Innovating The Standard of Industry For Currency Exchange

CurrencyXchanger 4 Product Lines - Professional Currency Exchange Software

If you are looking for a robust, flexible, and cost-effective currency exchange software solution for automating your foreign exchange business, look no more. Some businesses only deal with cash exchange, others need to manage checks and wires. Some offers remittance service via a network of trusted agents. No matter what type of services you offer, we have a solution that will fit you. CurrencyXchanger (CXR) comes in three standard editions. Furthermore, CXR can be customized to satisfy your business' exact requirements.

CurrencyXchanger is offered in different editions:

  1. CurrencyXchanger POS (Point of Sale)
  2. CurrencyXchanger BE (Business Edition)
  3. CurrencyXchanger Pro (Pro Edition)
  4. Digital Currency Rate Board
CurrencyXchanger 4 Box Sets

CurrencyXchanger is used by hundreds of Forex professionals around the world. CurrencyXchanger can fully streamline your business operations. Your business can be up and running with the latest tools of the trade in only a few hours.

Who uses our CurrencyXchanger Currency Exchange Software?

CurrencyXchanger is currently used by hundreds of foreign exchange professionals in twenty countries around the globe meeting the needs of:

  • Money Service Businesses (MSBs)
  • Bureau de Change (BDC)
  • Travel agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Forex traders and currency wholesalers
  • Precious metal dealers
  • Hotels and motels
  • Import & Export trading companies
  • Shops and outlets in touristic areas

Independent Currency Exchange Software Solutions

CurrencyXchanger is offered in three product versions:

Whether you manage a simple cash only kiosk, a travel agency, or a sophisticated multi-branch financial institution, Clear View Systems has a solution for your requirements.

Clear View Systems also offers customized solutions to address the specialized needs of your operating and compliance environment.


Main Features List POS Edition Business Edition Pro Edition
  • Automatic Currency Rate Update
  • Currency Calculator
  • Multi-User with access privileges
  • Multiple Tills + Daily Tills Report
  • Multi Currency Transactions in one invoice
  • Customized Receipts Format
  • Multi-currency Account Definition
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Multiple Picture ID per customers
  • FINCEN & FINTRAC Compliant Record Keeping
  • Import / Export in popular formats
  • Daily Account Reports
  • Rate Panel Integration
  • Black-list Cross-check (OFAC list)
  • Compatible with thermal POS printers
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Database & System Level Log
  • Automatic Backup/Recovery
  • Full Administrative Control Panel
  • General Ledger/ Sub Ledger Accounts
  • Integrated Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Account Reconciliation Module
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • Currency Booking
  • Communication Logbook
  • Mailbox management
  • Cheque management module
  • Automated Cheque Printing
  • TT Wire transfer (record keeping)
  • Beneficiary Bank Accounts
  • Notification Warnings on Customers
  • eWire (Money Remittance Technology) (*)
  • eMessaging
  • Worldwide Agents
  • Multi-user Collaborative Word Processor
  • Beneficiary Accounts
  • Online Banking for Customers (*)

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