Technical Support

  • Deployment of CurrencyXchanger for your business
  • Online and onsite training for clerks, managers and admins
  • Back office report generation for management
  • Configuration of POS printers and scanners
  • Configuring automatic backup and recovery
  • Testing data integrity and recovering data files
  • Setting up & Connecting LCD panels for rate display
  • Exporting reports into MS Excel for analysis
  • Online support using video chat, audio chat, text chat, and remote access software

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

LCD Rate Panel Integration

Most modern currency exchange offices advertize their rates on currency exchange boards. These boards are normally very expensive and limited in functionality. Clear View Systems has developed specific modules that can communicate with colour LCD panels at a fraction of the price of a currency rate board. The digital rate board gets its feed directly from CurrencyXchanger, so you don't have to worry about updating the rates on the panel ever.

View Samples of our Digital Currency Rate Board

Rate panel image

Business Training Service

  • Training your staff the fundamentals of a Currency Exchange Business
  • Traning managers how to control transactions and staff
  • Help with opening, closing, balancing, end of day, and discrepencies
  • Setting effective Buy and Sell strategies to maintain a healthy profit
  • Consultations on hardware, software, system, and implimentation
  • Recommendations on how to effectively manage your forex retail business

Consulting with a client

Software Customization Sevices

Even though CurrencyXchanger is an off-the-shelf currency exchange software, it can still be customized to fit specific requirements. Developing a customized currency exchange software from scratch can be very costly and time consuming. Many small exchange places think of developing in-house solutions by hiring local software developers, which usually ends up with unfinished costly product.

Clear View System can help you with your specific needs by customizing the core tested engine of CurrencyXchanger. We can use our currency exchange software to add-to or modify several standard financial reports or to develop custom financial reports and queries.

if you are in a rush and want to save time, our custom reporting service provides a cost effective alternative to help you get the job done quickly: Our team will work with you to design and build custom reports and queries to your exact specifications.

Ove the years, we have successfuly developed and deployed over 50 customization projects. We offer fixed price and hourly rates for customization projects. In fact, our hourly rates are one of the most affordable rates in North America.

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AML (Anti Money-Laundering) Compliance Services

  • Custom FINTRAC Compliance Regime - One of our highly knowledgeable compliance deployment officers will work with you to define and implement a Compliance Regime specifically suited to ensure that your policies and procedures are in accordance to Canadian rules and regulations and one hundred percent compliant with FINTRAC guidelines. We have developed a FINTRAC Compliance Regime Template which we can customize based on each customer's unique needs.
  • Compliance Training - We can provide your employees with the necessary training to be able to adhere to the compliance regulations. Currently this training is only available in Canada.
  • Compliance Review - We can review the implementation of your compliance regime and provide you with documented constructive feedback so you can ensure you are one hundred percent compliant with FINTRAC.
  • External Audit - Ask us about our external audit program. We work with subcontractors that are expert in all regulations and compliance requirements, helping our client with their external audit.

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