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Currency Exchange Software for Money Service Businesses

We develop Professional Money Exchange Software for small to medium Money Exchange Businesses (Bureau De Change, BDC). Our flagship product CurrencyXchanger is a reliable, robust, and affordable banking-quality software used every day by more than 300 customers in 25 countries. Whether you own a small shop or run a multi-branch FX operation, CurrencyXchanger can take your business to the next level.

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CurrencyXchanger is the best money exchange software of 2015! Here's why

We service the following type of businesses:

  • Money Services Business (MSB), Bureau de Change (BDC)
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, FX wholesalers)
  • Travel Agencies offering financial services (e.g. American Express)
  • Money Exchangers, FX traders, precious metal dealers, wholesalers, Import/Export companies
  • Currency Exchange in International Airports
  • Hotels, Motels, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Tourist Resorts
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Some Features of CurrencyXchanger

Capterra User Reviews 4.5 out of 5

BBB Accredited Business Badge

D&B Badge Decide With Confidence

Member of Green Business Bureau

4D Corporate Partner

Authorized by the Sweden Tax Authorities (Skatteverket)
Nominated for BC's top 25 Exporter of the year 2012
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